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About Us

Nata Technologies

Nata Technologies was founded in 2006 to provide unique hardware and software solutions for the growing needs of bio-medical university labs conducting functional MRI studies. Today Nata is recognized as a leading developer of customized fiber optic sensing products for functional MRI and MEG applications. Nata is currently providing products and services to research groups and university hospitals around the globe.

Recently, we added a few new developments to its portfolio which include sensing for non-invasive in situ diagnosis. Our fiber optic response devices boast the highest performance specifications in the market and provide a significant strategic advantage over other competitors.

Located in the heart of beautiful British Columbia, our employs a team of like-minded, technology driven engineers and scientists who enjoy working on new challenges in a fun and fast-paced environment. We retain both full-time employees and independent contractors and have access to a network of technical and business specialists. Our goal is to harness the creative skills of the best people to develop the best products in the most efficient way possible.

We partner with volume manufacturers and value added distributors to develop custom engineered solutions with greater performance specifications and procurement model that ensures the lowest possible price point. We expect our customers will hold us accountable to the standards we set for ourselves, and we thank them for their on-going support.

Please check our products page for our new fMRI Product line.

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