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fMRI Button Pad (2-Hand) System
fMRI Button Pad (2-Hand) System
LxPad Four Buttons. Custom Arrangement.
LxPad Two Buttons.
LxPad One Button. LxUNO
fMRI Button Pad (2-Hand) System
Fiberoptic Connector
Converter 003 (CON-003). Front.
Converter 003 (CON-003). Back.
Converter 004 (CON-004). Front.
Converter 004 (CON-004). Back.
fMRI Button Pad (2-Hand) System

fMRI Button Pad (2-Hand) System

Whats included with standard LxPad system:

• CON-003 converter (USB 2.0 I/O)
• LxPad with one standard buttons (both hands)
• 10m fiberoptic cable

Total price: $1,650.00


The fMRI Button Response Pad (2-Hand) System is a perfect solution for your brain mapping project. Nata Technologies LxPad response device is absolutely free of electricity and magnetism. It is completely made out of plastic (ex: ABS, PVC) without metallic components and thus is completely free of magnetic radiation. The response of the button resembles that of the regular PC keyboard button press. In our two hand 5-button system the patient is able to use all five of his fingers with both hands while being scanned with MEG/MRI scanner.

Take a look at our gallery above for different options / arrangements of the buttons.

Single Hand systems are also available.





  • Ergonomic design
  • Up to Ten (10) buttons with 1ms response
  • Completely free of RF radiation
  • USB connection for easy integration
  • TTL and Optical Triggers with CON-004 converter
  • Adjustable Wrist supports if required
  • Larger removable button tops upon request
  • Compatible with any operation system


Technical Specifications

Model Number


Interface Module

CON-003 or CON-004

CON-003 Output

USB 2.0. Acts as a regular USB keyboard.

CON-003 Input

USB 2.0

CON-004 Output

USB 2.0, Parallel / Auxiliary

CON-004 Input

USB 2.0, TTL or Optical (trigger)

Operating Principle


Number of buttons

Choice of one, two, three, four or five buttons (each hand). Custom locations.


1ms (with CON-004)

Cable length, standard

10.0m (33ft)

Cable length, maximum

25.0m (82ft)

Cable diameter

4.0mm (0.1574in)

Fiber optic connection

Multifiber connector to converter, permanent connection to the device

Connector diameter

12mm x 14mm

Power Input

USB; 9V with CON-004

System Requirements

Windows Vista, Windows 98/2000/XP/Windows 7, 8/OSX



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